permaculture [pur-muk-kuhl-cher]: noun.
A system of design that seeks to mimic
the structure of ecosystems to create
resilient and regenerative gardens,
homes, farms, and communities.



2022 Workshops & Events


We our excited to be offering a series of 8 free workshops in 2022 through ReForest London as part of the Signal Boost Initiative, which was made possible with support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. 

Saturday, March 5th 10:00 - 12:00

Permaculture 101


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Held at the Westminster Ponds Centre, Bruce Pavilion, 944 Western Counties Rd, London Ontario N6C 5J1

Believe it or not, it is possible to grow food and regenerate the environment in a yard of any size, and it may be easier than you think!

Imagine stepping out of your home into lush abundant greenery. The air is fragrant with the delicate scent of blossoms. You reach up, pick a few cherries, and feel the rush of sweetness as it hits your taste-buds. It is hard to believe how much bounty you have harvested from this small space with so little labour. Instead of getting out your weeding tools as you once did, you slip into your hammock and admire the low-maintenance beauty around you.

This FREE introductory course will teach you the ethics and principles of permaculture, as well as some practical techniques that can be employed. This same workshop will be repeated on April 26th and followed up by a full day course later in May & June.

Join us to learn about this approach to food and medicine production, with a focus on perennial plants and holistic system design. 


Saturday, March 26th 10:00 - 12:00

Incorporating Edibles Into Your Yard


Registration will be on ReForest London's website

Held at the Westminster Ponds Centre, Bruce Pavilion, 944 Western Counties Rd, London Ontario N6C 5J1



Saturday, April 9th 10:00 - 12:00

Fruit and Nut Tree Care


Registration will be on ReForest London's website

Learn the information and skills necessary to get the most out of your fruit and nut trees this season.
What is better than cultivating some apples from your front yard or having your own supply of pears and pawpaws? Edible trees bring so many benefits to life through growing your own food, supporting pollinators, and enjoying the beautiful blossoms they produce!
Take your interest and curiosity for a ride in this webinar as Jessica Robertson from Wild Craft Permaculture is ready to offer the information you need to properly care for your fruit and nut trees.
Whether you are a new owner, seasoned veteran, or don't know where to start. This FREE workshop will provide you with key information to:
-Prune a fruit or nut tree
-Make holistic sprays to boost tree immunity
-Tree maintenance tips




*Host a workshop in your own home with at least 5 people registering and you attend for free! Scheduled at your convenience.

**Most workshops half price for your son or daughter (18 and under). Contact us to arrange if not listed as an option.



Past Events:

Fruit and Nut Tree Pruning

Holistic Fruit Tree Care

3rd Annual Forest Garden Convergence, at The Living Centre, 5871 Bells Rd, London, ON

Farmscale Permaculture 1: Set-up And Enhancing The Land

Farmscale Permaculture 2: Production Systems 

Mantis Arts & Eco Festival at Boler Mountain in London, Ontario

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Incorporating Edible Plants Into Your Yard

Introduction to Forest Gardening

Permaculture Talk at London Pagan Pride Day

Fermented Condiments and How To Use Them

Forest Garden Convergence

Go Wild Grow Wild Expo!

Guelph Organic Conference

Basic Fresh Cheese Making

Brewing Up A Storm: Healing and Nourishing Beverages


Friendly Ferments: Intro to Cultured Food / Sauerkraut

Foraging Walks

Introduction to Food Forests


Gathering on the Green (OSCO)

Forest Gardening Convergence (Carolinian Canada Forest Garden Guild 

Indigenous Food and Medicine Garden Awakening

Food Not Lawns London Canada – Mother's Day Plant Sale

All About Fruit Tree Guilds

Apple Tree Pruning

Building Native Pollinator Home 

Food Forest Site Preparation

Joel Salatin Live Webcast

Introduction to Permaculture, 1/2 day or full day

Cuban Agriculture in 2011 – A Slideshow of Post Oil Possibilities

Food Swaps

Seed Bombing

Talk “Permaculture, nourishing the earth back to health”

Movie Screening of Locavore - Local Diet, Healthy Planet

London Home and Garden Show

Civic Garden Complex Open House

Carolinian Food Forest Site Preparation

Talk “How to grow your own food without a vegetable patch”

Session for Permaculture Design Certificate “Urban Permaculture”

Building a Solar Dehydrator

Edible Garden Tour

Creative SPARK Conference at King's College

TVDSB Environmental Symposium